Fibromyalgia, Options, Answers
Fibromyalgia Options and Answers To Get Your Life Back' is now available on Amazon Kindle in Australia, the UK, USA, Canada and many more countries. The first 15 pages are available as a free download. It is not necessary to have a Kindle devise to download a Kindle ebook. There is a free app on the Kindle website for the computer, iPad, Android and mobile phone.

I have a special interest in Fibromyalgia. As a naturopath I help people to become pain free, restore function and gain energy. In short get their life back.

Twenty-five years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Life only got worse from then on. I developed Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, twice weekly Migraines, Vomiting, Hypothyroidism, Depression and Arthritis. I couldn’t even turn a door knob and had to get a wheel chair to do the shopping. To be in this condition with three small children was utterly devastating.

“I was a faded shadow no longer able to think, immersed in pain, no hope, no escape,
no future”.

The medical profession treated me with a variety of drugs and large doses of disbelief and contempt, considering my ailments and symptoms to be variously ‘in my head’ or the result of 'stress'.

My dear friend, Sue had become very ill as the result of side effects from medication. I watched as this vibrant young woman's symptoms progressed from severe pain, to a movement disorder, then trouble swallowing and terrifying breathing difficulties. There were no answers from the medical profession for either Sue or myself.

I had to do something- but what? I felt there had to be answers out there, but where?

I began my research and soon realized that I needed formal training if I was to make any real progress in my search. I became a Naturopath and Nutritionist.

Sue in the meantime, found some answers to the Fibromyalgia and movement disorder on the internet. This however, was only the beginning of our journey towards regaining our self-esteem and good health. It has been the ongoing research that has helped us to reach a level of health that has seen each of us not only return to work but pursue careers.

Thirteen years later and I run my own business. I am a remedial massage therapist. I can walk for six hours, climb stairs, open doors and am not in any pain!

My passion is to pass on my knowledge. To get people out of pain, restore function and gain energy. In short get their lives back.

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Table of Contents

Forward by Sue Smith
Preamble by Sharon
Chapter 1: Brief Outline of Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Diagnosis
Chapter 2: Where do I Turn?
Chapter 3: Answers in Brief
Chapter 4: Leaky Gut Syndrome, (intestinal hyperpermeability)
Chapter 5: What I see in Clinic
Chapter 6: The Oxalate Factor
Chapter 7: What is Gluten Sensitivity?
Chapter 8: The Fungal Connection
Chapter 9: How does a Gluten Free, Low Oxalate Diet help with Fibromyalgia Symptoms?
Chapter 10: The Diet
Chapter 11: Low Oxalate, Gluten Free Food Ideas and Recipes
Chapter12: Hidden Forms of Gluten and Oxalate
Chapter13: I’m doing everything but the diet’s not working?
Chapter 14: Supplements
Chapter 15: Medical Theories
Chapter 16: Medical Treatments
Chapter 17: Alternate Theories
Chapter 18: What Do We Do When We Have All The Symptoms Under Control?

Fibromyalgia, Options, Answers